The Office and Philosophy

29 04 2008


The Office and Philosophy, originally uploaded by pharoah6905.

Being an avid fan of The Office combined with my interest in philosophy told me I had to buy this book.

“College” has the UNFUNNIEST Trailer EVER!

22 04 2008

I think I’d rather gouge my eyeballs out with a sharp spoon than going to watch this movie!

Blind Followers

13 04 2008

Yet another example of how the blind sheep that follow “the O” make her successful:

Crazy Bitch

Seriously people, do you really trust a person who claims that there’s such a thing as a pregnant man?!?!

Pictures from the Interwebs

12 03 2008

Here are some funny things I recently came across on the internet:Political Pokemon Duty Calls 

How did I never notice this before?

9 03 2008

I was watching the Saturday Night Live from a couple weeks ago when Ellen Page was hosting. I got to the end of the episode, and as the credits were scrolling by, I noticed a name that looked somewhat familiar. I quickly paused it, and there it was: “John Solomon”. OK, that’s not quite how you spell my name, but it was still pretty cool.

Yet More Stupidity from School Administrations

6 03 2008

Here’s yet another example of a school taking its rules way too far. This time it comes from Shepherd Junior High in Mesa, Arizona. The school recently refined its rules regarding “public displays of affection” (PDAs) to ban any hugs lasting longer than 2 seconds. As of last week, students have been receiving detentions for merely hugging their friends at school. Upset by this ridiculous rule, the students took it upon themselves last Friday to hold a 20 minute long public hug-a-thon across the street from the school.

 I think it’s great that these students are willing to stand up for what is right, and hope that they get the rule changed. As for the administrators who enacted this rule, I only have this to say: the hugs aren’t hurting anyone, so why don’t you stop this “politically correct” b.s. and let kids be kids!

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Like a Phoenix From the Ashes

5 03 2008

Guess who’s back… back again? The voice is back…  tell a friend.  Yup, it looks like they’ve done it once again, and set up yet another blog.  Let’s hope this one stays up for more than 24 hours this time.